Monday, September 29, 2014

Ningxia Red is an amazing drink

What About Ningxia Red?

Ningxia Red is an amazing drink. By combining the wolfberry (AKA goji berry) with pure essential oils, Gary created a formidable, functional beverage. We in the Young Living community have heard many anecdotal stories of the benefits of Red.  Among the many claims: it has more antioxidants in 2 oz. than in 1 lb. of berries; it controls blood sugar levels; helps you lose weight; it rebuilds liver functions and even makes you feel and look younger.

Being a skeptic by nature, I took those stories with a grain of salt.  Yes, I believe Ningxia is good for us, but I never met someone who had any personal experience with some of the more dramatic claims for Red. Until last June.

It was the last day of the YL Essential Oils convention in Salt Lake City, and Margaret and I were returning from dinner and passing through the hotel lobby. There we saw a young woman sitting in a booth surrounded with Young Living products and 2 open laptop computers, sipping a glass of wine and swigging from an open bottle of Ningxia Red.

As we started talking, it turns out she lives in the same city as my daughter, and she looks like she could be her age (26).  Her name was Judy (an alias), and she shared with us her story and why she started using YL products.

The first signs that something was wrong, Judy told us, was the appearance of large brown spots on her skin, so she went to the doctor, and after extensive tests, was told that her liver functions were greatly diminished.  Apparently these were so low that she needed a liver transplant to live.  She shared her devastating news with her sister, a Diamond distributer with YL, whose advice was to drink a bottle of Ningxia Red... per day.  “What do you have to lose?” her sister asked.

In desperation, Judy followed her sister’s advice and for 3 months guzzled an entire bottle of Red each and every day.  She also improved her diet, and added other YL supplements. To the amazement of her doctor, the next time she was tested her liver functions were back to normal.  Judy showed me the test results on her laptop with a note from the specialist, saying "Incredible recovery. Unbelievable!"

Now here's the punch line: as we left, Judy mentioned that she had just celebrated her 40th birthday.  Margaret and I had both estimated her to be in her mid-twenties, and we were astounded.

After that day, we never let a day pass without savoring our Ningxia Red and you won’t want to either.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Thieves oil helped my gums.

How Thieves oil helped my gums.

What I love about the Young Living community are the many amazing personal testimonials about the array of uses for essential oils and how they can achieve so much. This blog is about one of my personal experiences.

Take our dental health. Who among us has a clean dental history? Few if any; most of us suffer from the usual pain and expense of fixing our teeth.  Some of us try very hard to minimize the damage, we brush after each meal, we floss and we use a mouthwash. Yet most of us still need to fill cavities and sometimes need other expensive and painful treatments.

Why? The problem is that all the standard methods for dental hygiene fail to penetrate below our gums where bacteria rot our teeth, and inflame and weaken the gums. Let me tell you my story about how Thieves improved my gums.

Thieves oil blend
My visits for the typical dental cleaning have been painful mainly because my gums were inflamed.  After brushing and flossing I always had blood in the rinse. So when I went for my checkup it was no surprise to hear that I had 4 cavities and my gums were bad. What surprised me was how poor they were. I was told that I needed periodontal surgery to save my teeth.

I was devastated, depressed and felt helpless.  At that time my wife and I had just been introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. Honestly, it was more my wife's thing than mine, so when she suggested I consider using Thieves oil to try to treat my gums I was skeptical, but in my mental state I felt I had little to lose.

So for 5 days twice daily I used Thieves oil as an add-on to my toothpaste, brushed vigorously and let it simmer for 5 minutes (Thieves oil is hot so be prepared) and to my own disbelief, after 5 days, my bleeding stopped.  I couldn't make my gums bleed no matter how hard I brushed or flossed.

So when I returned to the dentist to fill my cavities I no longer had inflamed gums and didn't need surgery anymore. In fact, my gums started regenerating, something that is not supposed to occur.

Margaret and Gabe

Since then I’ve kept up brushing with Young Living Thieves toothpaste and I'm actually looking forward to my next dental checkup.

So why did Thieves succeed where other methods failed? Essential oils penetrate deep and goes down to the cellular level in our bodies. Other treatments only scratch the surface. Try it for yourself. What do you have to lose?

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